Cineteca di Bologna

If the past is alive, then it too has a future. Recovering films from the past and discovering their connections with the present were the inspiration behind the creation of the Commissione Cinema in 1963, which led to the founding of the municipal institution the Cineteca di Bologna.
Cineteca di Bologna has developed as an international institution while also being deeply rooted to the city’s local culture. A permanent member of the Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF) since 1989, and of the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (ACE) since its inception, in 1995 the Cineteca was designated an “independent municipal institution.”
Cineteca di Bologna encompasses archives, libraries, exhibitions, workshops, cinemas and offices. With the inauguration of its new location in Via Riva di Reno in the summer of 2000, the Cineteca began the process of creating an audio-visual paradise, and by June 28, 2003 a large part of its activities was moved to the site of a former slaughterhouse. Located in the city’s most dynamic quarter, the Cineteca benefits from a close relationship with the nearby MAMBO Museum of Modern Art and Bologna University’s Performing Arts and Communication Sciences departments.
In 2012, on January 1st, Cineteca di Bologna became a foundation. This new organizational form has bee chosen to make the best use of our resources, to seize dynamic work and research opportunities, and to establish the Cineteca as a leading institution in the field of film culture. Our mission that embraces the past and is open to the future remains unchanged: the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna is a place for archival conservation and restoration, film and audiovisual promotion and dissemination, training, research, and publishing. A multifaceted mission, a Cineteca ready for all the challenges of conserving and promoting the moving image in an era of immense technological, aesthetic and social change.
Cineteca now has at disposal 2 theatres, Biblioteca Renzo Renzi, the library which hosts about 40.000 between books and periodicals. Then there are other seats: the offices, the Exhibition Hall, the Worshop Space, the Restoration Laboratory, 2 Film Archives (for flammable and no-flammable prints).
Anyway, besides the phisycal spaces, the core of Cineteca activities is about the public development, prosecuted through a continous and constant work that it is has being developed since the last 10 years. The city of Bologna hosts, with a huge participation by the citizens themselves, one of the most well-known festivals about cinema classics and early movies. Every year more than 300 films are screened during one intense week and the open-air screenings in Piazza Maggiore became one of the most appreciated Summer initiatives: 2000 seats are not enough since many years: every evening the square hosts 4000/5000 spectators: a big cinema party that lasts from the midth of June till the end of July. The programme includes only films in their original versions and the classic titles  grandi classici del cinema find a new splendour through newly restored prints by the Cineteca Laboratory we also dedicate some programmes to children with quality films and animation films by great international authors.
Throughout the year, Cineteca programmes in 1 theatre quality first releases in their original versions. The other theatre is dedicated to retrospectives or genres, as “the Wednesdays of documentaries”.
The Educational Department has been working on many difefrent age groups and types of schools, proposing both theoretical lessons and practical workshops about shooting and editing, short movies contests, young critics contests, exhibitions. Activities with children outside the school environment are also organized, e.g. Summer camps which includes many activities showing the magic of cinema.
Regarding exhibitions for the general public, Cineteca organizes many initiatives both in Bologna and in other cities, at a national and international level, that permit us to enhance the value of our collections of photos, posters and paper documents.
The Piazzetta Pasolini, in front of our 2 theatres, hosts weekly the Mercato della Terra (“Earth Market”) where local farners attract with their food a huge public. Screening programmes about the cultural value of food are also organized during the Mercato della Terra days.
Our publishing mark (Edizioni Cineteca) includes books and DVDs which include our best restorations and thematic cinema percourses.