Les Enfants de Cinema

Founded in 1994, the organisation "Les enfants de cinéma" articulates its work around debates and reflections on youth and the cinema. Its board of 25 members includes professionals in the fields of education and cinema studies. Coming from various countries and backgrounds, they share a commitment to working with children in the field. Their participation in the work of the organisation is key in supporting the five permanent staff members. For over 20 years now, "Les enfants de cinéma" has been enhancing and implementing the project "École et cinéma", funded by the CNC (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication), DGESCO and CANOPE network (Ministère de l'Éducation nationale). Thanks to this programme, primary school students discover cinema studies through a year-long course. They are introduced to 3 to 5 contemporary or classic films, chosen for their artistic quality and their capacity to move the viewers, surprise them and trigger reflection and questioning. These movies are selected from a national catalogue, developed jointly by teachers, researchers, cinema experts and community leaders.