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Raoul Servais Foundation npo - http://www.raoulservais.be
35mm copy available at and restored by CINEMATEK
The short films of Raoul Servais can also be found on DVD (edited by www.intermedio.net). With spanish subtitels only (non restored versions).


This animated film shows the attempt of a black-and-white army to impose its dictatorial rule on a free, happy and colourful society. Where the grey légions pass, all colours disappears. But a small girl nurtures one red flower that eventually takes the shape of a scarlet jester...

Reason of Choice

A short film by Raoul Servais, master of Belgian animation, with a strong and powerful message of peace and tolerance.


Director: Raoul Servais
Year: 1965
Lenght: 10'
Nation: Belgium
Language: musical
Sound/Silence: Sounded'
Genre: Animation

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