Italian: Cenerentola


A pair of scissors cut out Cinderella from a piece of black card. Then, the famous fairy tale comes alive on the screen thanks to the silhouettes realized by Lotte Reiniger, which represents the classic story quite faithfully.

Reason of Choice

Lotte Reiniger was a pioneer in the animation field: her silhouette short films are considered masterpieces. The technique she used was an example of the many different ways animation can use to tell a story and is fascinating for children and for adults. The plot of Cinderella is very well known. But the way it has been brought on the screen is quite unique. We decided to show this film as representative of the many fairy tales Lotte Reiniger adapted for the screen. She realized animation films from the '20s through the '70s. We decided to opt for a silent film for accessibility reasons.


Director: Lotte Reiniger
Year: 1922
Lenght: 13'
Nation: Germany
Language: No Dialogue
Sound/Silence: Silent'
Genre: Animation

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