For a Fistful of Dollars

Italian: Per un pugno di dollari

Copyright Holders

Italy: Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna; France and Belgium: Tamasa; other countries: Park Circus


In a frontier village between Mexico and USA, two families fight for supremacy. The fragile balance is broken by the arrival of a lonely stranger.

Reason of Choice

The film was restored and released in Italian theaters by Cineteca di Bologna. It has been the first big western by Sergio Leone, with the famous score by Ennio Morricone. It was one of the titles chosen by the students for the activity Ambassador of Film History - part 1, in order to represent a specific Italian genre that flourished in the Sixties - the "western all'italiana", very different from previous Hollywood westerns: for example, the actor plays more a "type" than a specific character; there is no frontier mythology and heroes are cynical and disillusioned.


Director: Sergio Leone
Year: 1964
Lenght: 94'
Nation: Italy
Language: Italian
Sound/Silence: Sound'
Genre: Western

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