Il processo di Frine (Episodio di Altri tempi)


Subtitles in french done by the students during ABCinema project. Final episode based on the story by Scarfoglio.
Mariantonia Desire is a country girl with a name that says it all. Brought to court on charges of having poisoned his mother-in-law, she will be successfully defended by his lawyer.

Reason of Choice

Blasetti's cheerful vision has a tone that is fundamentally and intentionally grandiloquent.
"The most persuasive, it is the sharpest with its spicy wit and humor, not only wonderful for the low cut outfits worn by Gina Lollobrigida, which get lower and lower as the film proceeds, and the thoroughly enjoyable performance by Vittorio De Sica, but especially for the freshness and vivaciousness of the storytelling". (Giovanni Calendoli, "Il lavoro illustrato", 1952)


Director: Alessandro Blasetti
Year: 1952
Lenght: 22'
Nation: Italy
Language: Italian
Sound/Silence: Sound'
Genre: Comedy

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