Jeu de dés


The film doesn't tell a story properly, it shows people playing with some magic dice of different sizes, which create constructions and break up autonomously. Dice columns become soldiers, and viceversa. From an arch-shaped dice structure, some people appear and start a choreography, which ends up in a complete catastrophe...

Reason of Choice

We chose this film as an example of trick cinema, that we showed to children together with other titles as Chomon's. It is a title coming from our Film Archive. This film represents many aspects of the early cinema, for example it is silent, and charmingly hand-coloured. It includes many tricks of the first years of cinema, such as appearances and disappareances, special effects and reverse sequences.


Director: Unknown
Year: 1912
Lenght: 4'
Nation: France
Language: No Dialogue
Sound/Silence: Silent'
Genre: Fantasy

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