Le Canard Géométrique

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The Geometrical Duck is the story - in the guise of an abstract tale - of an impish little man who felt from the sky (as a reference to the artist's divine breath). Once on "earth", the man will create a duck that will experience a world of sensations and feelings, including love...

Reason of Choice

The Geometrical Duck (Le Canard Géométrique) is a short movie suitable either to one-shot workshops or to a continous approach of cinematographical techniques and language. As a non-language movie (but with a music composed by sound engineer Jan Bruyndonckx), it can reach a large audience from diverse cultures and languages. It was made by Louis Van Maelder, a unfairly forgotten Belgian master of animation cinema.


Director: Louis Van Maelder
Year: 1966
Lenght: 6'
Nation: Belgium
Language: musical
Sound/Silence: Sounded'
Genre: Animation

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