Les Kiriki, Acrobates Japonais

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An ‘Early Cinema’ hand colored short film starring 11 acrobats testing out the limits of gravity. Segundo de Chomón experiments with the new possibilities of theatrical performance through film and film tricks.

Reason of Choice

Amongst Georges Méliès, Segondo de Chomon was one pioneer of experimenting with the possibilities of the new medium film in its very beginnings. Les Kiriki gives a lively expression of his work, using basic film tricks to create the illusion of stunning acrobatic performance. Especially with young children the reenactment of these tricks can be a playful experience to understand the filmic principles of ‘perspective’ and ‘illusion’.


Director: Segundo de Chomón
Year: 1907
Lenght: 4'
Nation: France
Language: musical
Sound/Silence: Silent'
Genre: Action

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