One Week


Two newlyweds receive a "do-it yourself" house as a gift. According to the enclosed instructions, the house can be built in one week, but a refused suitor changes the numbers on the boxes containing the pieces of the house.

Reason of Choice

Buster Keaton is the focus of one important restoration project by Cineteca di Bologna. His films represented one of the main restrospectives of Il Cinema Ritrovato 2016. When our European Ambassadors of Film Heritage had to choose which films they preferred to work about, some of them focussed on Buster Keaton. This film in particular is the first masterpiece he created and is considered one of the best short movies ever shot for the visual style, for the compelling humor and for Keaton's neverending creativity.


Director: Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline
Year: 1920
Lenght: 25'
Nation: USA
Language: No Dialogue
Sound/Silence: Silent'
Genre: Comedy

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