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The short-documentary is an audiovisual study, that records occurrences and people on the streets. But unlike other ordinary filmic street sceneries, Pohland, cofunder of the movement around the famous 'Oberhausener Manifest', shows objects and people exclusively through their shadows.

Reason of Choice

Short formate, that guarantees to focus the attention of children; works without language and is multilingual and suitable for various and culturally divers target groups; the subject 'shadow' combines fascination and everyday situation especially for our traget group; the both distinct and rich aesthetic and graphic design brings out Pohland's remarkable use of the cinematic language; the film is very much suitable for out active units (e.g. experiments with light and shadow, searching for shadows in daily life and photographic documentation);the director is a key figure in german filmhistory


Director: Hansjürgen Pohland
Year: 1960
Lenght: 9'
Nation: Germany
Language: No Dialogue
Sound/Silence: Sound'
Genre: Documentary

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