The Amazing Adventures of Morph: Grandmorph’s Home Movies

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© Aardman Animations Ltd. All rights reserved - http://www.aardman.com The Amazing Adventures of Morph: Grandmorph’s Home Movies is available via Aardman Animations on DVD / DCP for free use in an educational ABCinema workshops and/or screenings. Bookings: Laura.Burr@aardman.com


Morph is embarrassed by Grand Morph’s screening of his home-movies, which include early footage of Morph as a tiny baby. This series was first created back in 1980 and was shot on 16mm film using the same stop-frame animation technique for which Aardman is now world-famous.

Reason of Choice

The iconic animated clay character Morph made his TV debut in 1977 and entertained an entire generation with his slapstick antics. He is back with 15 brand new adventures on YouTube. This was the first in what was to become a hugely popular 26 part TV series, and the project that really put Aardman on the map in the UK. Morph’s early prototypes ‘The Gleebies’ were created by Aardman for Deaf children. He is a very simple-shaped character, that can make everyone laugh and be easily reproduced by all. Go on, create your own Morph adventures with this little plasticine man!


Director: Peter Lord / David Sproxton
Year: 1981
Lenght: 4'
Nation: United Kingdom
Language: English
Sound/Silence: Sound'
Genre: Animation

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