The Great Dictator


A Jewish barber, back from the WWI front, finds his country oppressed by Adenoid Hynkel's dictatorship. Thanks to the incredible resemblance between he and Hynkel, he replaces the dictator and makes on of the most powerful and famous speeches in cinema history.

Reason of Choice

A recent restoration, released by Cineteca di Bologna in Italian theaters, The Great Dictator is the first Chaplin's spoken film. Cineteca has been restoring and digitizing all Chaplin's films and documents since 10 years now, and the students could take a look at original drawings and other materials related to the film. Concerning its content, in full wartime Chaplin targets the European dictatorships and reaffirms his humanitarian and pacifist ideology.


Director: Charlie Chaplin
Year: 1940
Lenght: 126'
Nation: USA
Language: English
Sound/Silence: Sound'
Genre: Comedy

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