Virtous Virtuell

Copyright Holders

Thomas Stellmach (contact via Deutsches Filminstitut - schreier(@)deutsches-filminstitut.de)


This film consists of animated and handmade ink-paintings, inspired by the music from Louis Spohr (overture to the opera ‘the Alchymist’), that are playing with transitions from concreteness to abstraction and hence open up a wide room for associations.

Reason of Choice

Stellmach and Oschmann developed their own congenial filmic and graphic language and hence established a symbiotic connection to the music of Louis Spohr; the film is usable in many ways for our active units (e.g. painting to music, experiments with ink and animating little filmic sequences with this materials); the film is suitable to familarise the children with 'abstraction'.


Director: Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann
Year: 2013
Lenght: 7'
Nation: Germany
Language: No Dialogue
Sound/Silence: Sound'
Genre: Animation

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